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We have thousands of products in stock every day and offer a selection of value-added services to facilitate our customers’ projects.

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We solve every problem for customers and become high-value suppliers for customers. Let customers optimize their budgets in construction projects, so that they can purchase higher value services and goods.


We’re looking for team players and industry experts ready to adopt a customer-focused attitude. Positions are open around the world.

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Professional & Experienced personnel

Professional & Experienced personnel: Experienced both in software & hardware – can make tentative diagnoses by listening to the fault phenomenon. Software engineers – be good at resolving software issues, like system breakdown or database damage Hardware engineers – be good at make diagnoses on hardware problems Workers – can fix some simple hardware problems.

Regular technical training Installation technology & method training: All technicians are fully trained and familiar with various brands of products Unified standards were trained and to be followed by the whole engineering team BHJ’s exclusive installation & service team All engineers & workers are contracted with BHJ even the annual contracted workers.

BHJ customer service plan

BHJ's customer service department is composed of a professional technical team, which will provide you with comprehensive emergency failure response, routine maintenance and system training services. We will customize the annual maintenance plan according to your needs. Provide a free 100% installation quality commitment within one year of project handover, and then provide a complete additional product warranty. After the one-year door-to-door maintenance period, we will provide customers with equipment parts warranty service based on the warranty time of the equipment manufacturer , to secure your investment in core system equipment. The following are BHJ's highest level of maintenance plans:

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Pricing plans

BHJ Reference Projects

  • Nike Sports (China)

    • BHJ has provided service to Nike from 2013 to nowadays

      Regional offices: Shanghai, Guangzhou , Beijing, Taicang, Shenyang, Chengdu, Ningbo

      450+ readers

      500+ cameras

  • Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

    • BHJ has provided service to Caterpillar from 2008 to nowadays

      More than 10 regional offices, factories and R&D center over China Projects Sites: Shanghai, Beijing , Tianjin, Qingdao, Wuxi, Suzhou, Nantong, Wujiang etc.

      1500+ readers

      2000+ cameras

      11000m+ perimeter fence

  • Sanofi (China) investment Co., Ltd

    • BHJ has provided service to Sanofi from 2013 to nowadays

      Regional offices: Shanghai, Beijing , Jinan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing

      280+ readers

      300+ cameras

  • Jabil Inc

    • BHJ has provided service to Jabil from 2018 to nowadays

      Factory locations: Suzhou, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuxi, Wuhan, Chengdu

      1000+ readers

      5000+ cameras

  • Cummins (China) investment Co., Ltd.

    • Customer aim to connect all Cummins sites over China to achieve centralized management in the recent years.

      BHJ has done: WH EARD, WH fuel, WX Turbo, SH DB operation, BJ CES.

      30+ Regional offices:

  • BytaDance

    • Beijing, Xi’an, Hainan, Shandong

      Access Control System

      CCTV system

      Parking System

      Alarm System

      Electric Fence System



    Actions include implementing employee social distancing and cleaning facilities, equipment, tools, and common areas.We know these are challenging times. We value our customers and their loyalty to Resideo and we’re working hard to ensure we all come out of this together.


    While we continue to monitor the impact of the fast-changing coronavirus pandemic, we’re doing everything we can to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, to serve our global communities, and to ensure minimal disruption for our customers and supply chain. Flatten the curve. These include:social distancing、frequent washing of hands、additional alcohol-based hand rub dispensers and signage on these guidelines in all our facilities. requiring employees to stay home if returning from travel to any of the high-risk countries or if feeling any type of illness, among many others listed on the CDC site. Proper cleaning. We increased the level of cleaning in all facilities during this time, and if we have a presumed positive case, we close the facility in accordance with the CDC guidelines and perform deep cleaning before opening again. Minimize exposure. All business travel, including trips to visit customers, has been canceled until further notice. We also restricted any visitors to BHJ sites that are not essential; and for those essential guests, we’ve implemented a survey process to evaluate the individual’s exposure to coronavirus.


    Interview process – Wherever possible, virtual interviews will continue to be the first preference. This reduces the need for travel and physical contact. Onsite or face-to-face interviews for leadership roles and roles that can only be performed in a BHJ facility, will be done following all health and safety protocols established by BHJ and in compliance with local and national health regulations. Employees Working on-site. For those employees working onsite in one of our facilities, we have implemented numerous safety protocols including requiring face coverings, increased cleaning and sanitizing, requiring employees to stay home when ill, and social distancing requirements, among others. we have also installed plexiglass barriers to permit safe interaction with customers. These protocols create a safer environment for those who need to be at a site each day. If your role requires you to be onsite, please refer to the Employees section above for more information about the health and safety protocols established.


    Work-from-home policy. BHJ has mandated work from home for all employees globally that are able to perform their primary job functions remotely (excluding China and Korea, where we continue to follow local guidance). This form of social distancing was put in place to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by reducing foot traffic and congregation of employees at our sites. This work from policy is in effect until further notice. Site Audits – We conduct weekly audits at our factory locations to ensure our employees are following the health and safety protocols put in place for their protection. Resources available for COVID-19 concerns –We encourage our employees to utilize a third-party hotline, managed by an independent company, to raise any concerns related to unsafe practices with respect to COVID-19.

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